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Hello everyone. If you are new to the site, welcome! And, everyone else, welcome back. Take a couple minutes to browse the  Guitar of the Month  pages and stay tuned for the completed photos of  Andy's acoustic  and  Aaron's Swan. We are continually in the process of updating and keeping the site current. So it may take a bit, but those pictures will be up soon, and I promise you won't want to miss them. If any of you have a magic retreival method to recover corrupted images from an SD card, I would appreciate the help. As you can see, we are missing a few months in there...

Nick's full hollow  is coming along very nicely. The body is all from an incredible billet of Curly Claro Walnut, and the neck is Curly Maple and Brazillian Cherry. The fingerboard, bridge, and tail piece are all Macassar Ebony, and the binding and other trim will be Curly Goncalo Alves.

Check back soon for the start of  Charlee's mandolin, it will be exciting!

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