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Annual Update

Welcome to the new Crow Hill Guitars. The site has recently received a big and beautiful face lift. Take your time to check out the pictures (obviously), the videos and sound clips, the testimonials, about section, and finally, if you're so inclined, the ordering page. This year will see some big projects, some little bitty ones, a couple more takes on some of the icanic/classic guitars and a little…

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Another Year

Wow, nearly a full year since I have updated this section of the site... Welcome to Crow Hill. I hope 2012 is treating everyone well so far. I am currently wrapping up a couple of builds from last year. This year will see some very interesting projects including a couple of 'tribute' builds inspired by two of the most iconic guitars ever produced. Come back often as I will try to keep up with the…

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Playing Catchup

Hello everyone. If you are new to the site, welcome! And, everyone else, welcome back. Take a couple minutes to browse the  Guitar of the Month  pages and stay tuned for the completed photos of  Andy's acoustic  and  Aaron's…

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Back in the Shop

Hello again, and thanks for stopping by. We are done with shows for the year and very happy to be home and back in the  shop. I have a handful of very custom projects lined up for the winter.

First is  Andy's acoustic; if you haven't yet had the time…

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Time for a another brief rambling about guitars and well... wood. We are packing again and getting ready to head to Wichita, KS. If you will be in the area this weekend (Sept 17-19), make sure you stop by Bradley Fair Park. I'll bring the guitars! The new shop is almost back in full swing. There are still a few odds and ends to wrap up, but it is very, very close. And, it is about time. The  

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Site Updates

Hello everyone and welcome to the new and improved site of Crow Hill Guitars. As you can probably guess, this is a continually evolving site and maybe a bit of a new experience for everyone who chooses to take part in it, especially me. We have been reworking some ideas and have come up with some really exciting suff to enhance the  custom building process. If…

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